Rust Suite (1 Month)


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Our Rust Suite allows you to completely customize your gaming needs, protecting your privacy, maintaining optimum performance and enhancing the overall experience.

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The Rust Suite provides you with the power to customize your complete gaming experience, unlocking and overclocking it to the peak performance whilst still maintaining complete anonymity. The following are just some of the options and customization settings which the Rust Suite provides:

  • [Dashboard] Master controls at your fingertips via a web browser.
  • [USBLoader] Advanced USB loader that optimizes your computer during the boot process.
  • [Rust] The ultimate gaming optimization experience.
  • [HardwareConfig] Disguises hardware fingerprints to maintain anonymity and optimum safety.
System Requirements:
  • Administrator access to the machine during initial setup.
  • A USB drive with 1GB+ storage.
  • Windows 10 version 21H1 or newer. Windows 11 support is currently in Beta.
  • UEFI must be enabled and the Windows install must be UEFI.
  • Secure Boot must be disabled.
  • Windows VBS/Hyper-V must be disabled.